Class 1: Tractors (Open) High Cut Work - 1st John Broomfield.

Class 2: Tractors (Open) Any type of Plough - 1st David Pritchard.

Class 3: Vintage Tractor and Trailing Plough The Vintage Perpetual Challenge Trophy - 1st Simon Taylor, 2nd Paul Dudfield, =3rd Edwin Jones & Barry Evans.

Class 4: Vintage Mounted Plough The HP Bulmer Perpetual Challenge Cup - 1st Stuart Lamb, 2nd Ted Richards, 3rd Adrian Huffer, 4th Phillip Davies.

Class 5: Vintage Mounted and Trailing plough - Novice - 1st Gareth Cole, 2nd John Reece, 3rd Les Hurdley, 4th Fred Lawrence.

Class 6: Vintage Ferguson Class - 1st Keith Williams, 2nd Christopher Huck, 3rd Huw Enoch.

Class 7: Classic Class 1964 to 1972 - 1st Norman Prosser, 2nd Alan Taylor, 3rd Bill Wood.

Class 8: Horticultural: 1st Norman Allen, 2nd Andrew Pomeroy, 3rd George Allen.

Class 9: Reversible (Open) - 1st David Roper, 2nd Dominic Rogers, 3rd Gareth Jenkins.

David Games judged the Best Maintained Vintage Tractor and Plough and that was awarded to Robert Ball.

Sheep Dog Trials:

Class 1 - Open - 1st David Evans, 2nd Paul Tomkins, 3rd David Evans.

Class 2 - Novice - 1st D Bayliss, 2nd David Evans, 3rd G Powell.

Organisers would like to extend their thanks to all the judges, competitors and attendees who helped make the event such a success, despite the rainy conditions.