A PREGNANT mum said her son was a superhero after he saved her life.

Six-year-old Matthew Skyrme called the ambulance service for his mum, Zoe, who was having an asthma attack. He also summoned help from his next-door neighbour before paramedics arrived at their home in Peterchurch to treat Zoe.

Zoe, who is pregnant with her second child due in February, said: "I think he saved his mum's life and his brother/sister's life at the same time."

It was during a Wednesday evening when Zoe's husband, Ashley, was at football training that she started to have an asthma attack.

She used her inhaler, but it didn't work, so she sat down to try and breathe slowly.

Matthew, who goes to Peterchurch Primary School, was at home and went to his mum, who told him to get the phone and she keyed in 999 for him.

Zoe said: "Matthew then told them: 'My mummy can't breathe'."

He explained that she had been sick but was still unable to breathe and they asked him what his address was.

Zoe said: "He said Peterchurch as he knows which village he lives in. They asked for the house number and he went and looked at the front door and told them.

"He doesn't know the street name at all but he did try."

Matthew called from the landline and the ambulance service said they were on their way.

Zoe, 27, tried to talk to him slowly and asked him to go to their neighbour, Adam.

Matthew went next door and told him his mum wasn't breathing and Adam came round to the house.

Paramedics arrived and treated Zoe.

She said: "Matthew kept asking them questions about what needs doing. I think they were pleased with Matthew and what he had done.

"I was so proud of him. He is my little superhero."

She added: "The whole family is absolutely amazed with what he did."

To say thank you they took him out for lunch at Peterchurch Hub for a jacket potato, and later watched films and had a treat of sweets.

Ashley, 30, added: "I am really proud of him. He's quite responsible. He will be a good big brother."