AN apple juice produced on a Herefordshire farm uses only fruit from the county.

Jus has been nominated in the Best Drinks Product in the Hereford Times Food and Drink Awards.

James and Jane Skittery own the business and are ably assisted by Liz Curtis at their farm in Birchley, Aylton, near Ledbury.

Their single variety apple juice is a Herefordshire product. The apples are all grown within Herefordshire, either on their farm or sourced within the county and the production takes place on their farm.

Jane Skittery said: “We use up to 14 different varieties of apples. Some of the varieties of apples are Discovery, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Katy Worcester Pearmain, Egremont Russet, Bramley’s Seedling, Laxton Superb, Greensleeves.

“Each apple variety has its own flavour and sweetness ranging from dry, medium and sweet.”

They deliver most of their apple juice to customers.

Jane added: “We make the apple juice from late summer through the autumn, when the apples are ripened on the trees, as the different varieties ripen at different times. The apples are carefully hand picked off the trees, then they go through the process of being milled, pressed, bottled and pasteurised to capture the full flavour and sweetness of that apple variety.” The juice can be bought from all over Herefordshire.

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