FOR the month of September Wendy Salter will pick litter up on every street in Ross-on-Wye. The 62 year old hopes to inspire others to join her and "reclaim their town."

Wendy, who lives in Coach Lane in Ross, is a member of the Ross Community Litter Clean Up Crew which was set up in March.

From September 1 to 30 she will be picking up litter every day, doing an average of seven streets a day. She aims to go to every one of the 200 streets in the town.

Wendy said: "It's my attempt to raise the profile of the Ross Community Litter Clean Up Crew and try and get people to step forward and reclaim the town and to adopt a street.

"If you live on Walford Road you are not going to do the whole road but it could be linked with other people."

Their ultimate aim is to create a map of Ross to show all the places that are being looked after by individuals.

She said: "If people do step forward others will come forward too."

Wendy will be wearing a T-shirt which has the campaign's name written on it - Love Your Street.

Wendy added: "Litter represents more than a bit of a mess. It represents whether people care or not. If people don't care things sink into all sorts of problems.

"The attitude of 'It's not my job - it's the council' - you don't pay your tax for people to pick up litter. It's for bin collection and things like that not for someone to follow you to pick up any litter your drop because you can't be bothered.

"We can all make a difference."

She will be putting advance details of the areas she is covering on the Ross Community Litter Clean Up Crew Facebook page.

People are welcome to pop out to say hello, offer a cup of tea or even help Wendy do a stretch of their street.