A VOLUNTARY inpatient at Hereford's Stonebow Unit killed himself at the hospital, an inquest has heard.

Dr Brian Cavanagh, 69, died on November 3 last year after he was found hanging in his hospital room.

At today’s inquest at Hereford Town Hall, coroner Mark Bricknell heard that Dr Cavanagh, from Much Birch, Hereford, had struggled with depression for some time.

He admitted himself as a voluntary patient at the Stonebow Unit on October 27 last year, following an incident at home involving his wife.

Coroner Bricknell recorded a conclusion of suicide and gave the medical cause of asphyxia.

Dr Cavanagh's wife, Veronica Cavanagh, paid tribute to her husband and said: "My husband, Brian, was a loving, kind and thoughtful man.

“He entered the Stonebow Unit as a voluntary inpatient following an unprecedented incident.

"I trusted that he would be in a safe and protected environment.

“I miss him every day. I would like to thank the coroner for his thorough enquiry."