THE June public talk organised by the South Herefordshire Dowsers was given by commercial water dowser, Linda Prenter, who described her work finding the best borehole sites for farmers and householders who need a suitably pure water supply for livestock or domestic use.

Linda explained how a commercial dowser sets about researching the geology of a site, since different rocks and clays affect borehole drilling, and then how she accurately locates the most suitable underground water line and the best place to bore into it, taking into consideration access for the bore lorry and its drilling equipment.

Two days later on June 9 and 10, Linda appeared at the Hellens Manor Garden festival at Much Marcle, where she joined other dowsers from the Malvern and South Herefordshire groups, who showed amazed members of the public that they too could dowse and not only find water in their gardens for irrigation purposes but also identify the most harmonious position to sit in the garden and how to find mislaid garden tools!

The next South Herefordshire Dowsers talk will be on July 5 when historical dowser Steve Dawson will be talking about the mystery of Rennes le Chateau.