HEREFORD and South Herefordshire Labour party's first campaign stall of the year took place on May 5 in support of Unison's campaign to halt the tendering process to outsource the county's museums, libraries and archives services to a private company.

Despite the fact that many visitors to the stall had already signed online, over 160 new signatures were collected.

Members of the public were asked to select their top priorities for Herefordshire and gave top billing to 'stop the privatisation of libraries' with 46.2% of their votes, followed by 'the by-pass' with 21.5%, 'pot holes' with 21.5% and 'cleaning up Hereford' with 10.8%.

Of those selecting the by-pass as their top priority less than 8% were in favour.

As well as many interesting conversations there were a number of membership enquiries.

The next Labour party stall will be on Castle Green in June.

Any one interested in signing Unison's libraries petition who has not already done so can find it online at