SETTING up camp in a church doesn't seem an obvious place to sleep but a church in Holme Lacy is offering just that.

St Cuthbert’s in the village just outside of Hereford is no longer used for regular worship and is now cared for by the national charity, The Churches Conservation Trust (CCT).

Known as "champing", people can camp overnight in the church. There is space for eight champers in Holme Lacy.

The scheme was first piloted in a CCT church in 2015. Since then, the initiative, which promotes sustainable tourism, has welcomed over 2,500 happy Champers.

St Cuthbert’s Church is medieval and the area is thought to have had significance in early Christian or Pagan times as being the site of a holy well.

Camp beds are set up inside the church, with a sitting area, complete with rugs and cushions. The church is for the exclusive use of each group, be that a couple or a larger group of friends.

The Champing season runs from March 26 until September 30.