POLICE hope to catch speeding motorists on one of Hereford’s most congested roads.

Belmont Road can often see cars queuing bumper to bumper as commuters and shoppers head into the city.

However, today West Mercia Police in partnership with Herefordshire Council have installed a permanent speed camera outside the Three Counties Hotel.

The camera on the 30 miles per hour road is checking the speed of motorists heading into and out of the city.

A joint statement from West Mercia Police and Herefordshire Council said: “Enforcement on the A465, Belmont Road has been part of our speed enforcement programme since March 2016.

“Recent data collected at the site shows that 15% of traffic moving through the area is travelling at 35.5 mph or above, exceeding the 30mph limit that is in place. Over the past three years there have been 20 collisions at this site resulting in 28 casualties.

“The A465 is a key route into Hereford and we have been working in partnership with the council to install a permanent fixed camera that can help improve safety along the route.

"We hope the presence of a camera will encourage motorists to drive at a lower safer speed and reduce the number of casualties along this route.”