A MAN who claims to have been arrested 15 times in Hereford blamed nightclub door staff for his string of convictions.

Jason David Griffin, 28, of Langland Drive, Hereford, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly on West Street, Hereford on September 9.

Sara Beddows, prosecuting at Hereford Magistrates Court on Thursday, said that police were called to Mamma Jammas Nightclub following reports of the defendant being aggressive and being restrained by door staff.

Door staff said that Griffin had been asked to leave because he was too drunk.

"As soon as he was outside Griffin attempted to go back in and became aggressive squaring up to a member of door staff after repeatedly trying to get past him," said Mrs Beddows.

"He threw a bottle of water he had been given to the ground and threw his arms with clenched fists towards the door staff."

He was restrained by door staff and appeared to calm down before stating: 'I'm going to kick your heads in'.

Police attended and Griffin was arrested and take to custody.

Representing himself in court Griffin said that the facts of the case had been 'made up' and were irrelevant.

"I was fairly drunk and was dancing by myself when a member of the door staff came up to me and grabbed me from behind," said Griffin.

"The first thing I did was push back and then they jumped on me outside. If they had spoken to me instead I would have been civil. I have been done 15 times and it's always in Hereford.

"I've been up and down this country and had no problem anywhere else. The problem is this town not me. It's disgraceful that I'm being done for this again, it's not me I'm the father of a son.

"It's the way the doors are run in this town."

Magistrates ordered Griffin to pay a £200 fine, £135 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.