A CHANCE to try a unique culinary experience which involves dining in the dark is on offer in Hereford.

A full waiting service will be offered by students at the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), with the dishes kept a secret by the chef until placed in front of diners, who all wear blindfolds.

As well as a three-course dinner for £30 per person, a charity auction will also take place during the evening and all money raised helps RNC students to experience a trip abroad; for some people this provides them with their first opportunity to travel overseas.

Supported through both ‘Dine in the Dark’ and the Erasmus project, one group of students took a trip to Lyon, France.

One student, Danielle Brewster, studies French at RNC and enjoyed the visit – especially being able to utilise her much-loved skills in Braille, taking part in lessons given in French.

Danielle said: "As an A level student of the French language, having the chance to go there, travel, and mix with native speakers was phenomenal. A way I know my language has improved was during the family meal I went to in France. One of the French teachers had to translate what I was saying into English as I was in such a flow of speaking French.”

The event takes place at Gardner Hall on Friday December 1, with the drinks reception at 7pm and the sensory meal experience beginning at 7.30pm.

Tickets can be booked by emailing Emily.lynch@rnc.ac.uk or by calling Emily on 01432 376 370.