A COMMONWEALTH Games swimmer from Herefordshire who is accused of raping a teenage girl is to face a retrial.

Otto Putland, 23, allegedly forced himself on the 19-year-old – who cannot be named – after a night out with Olympic Team GB athlete Ieuan Lloyd.

Putland, whose career began at Hereford Swimming Club and swam for Wales in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, walked free from court last week after the jury in his first trial failed to reach a verdict for one count of rape.

Cardiff Crown Court heard the prosecution would now seek another trial on December 4 later this year.

Prosecutor Janet McDonald said: "We will proceed to trial.

"The complainant has been spoken with and is content to proceed."

Putland, of Dinedor, Hereford, denied two counts of rape. He was found not guilty of one but the jury failed to reach a verdict on the other.