A CITY shop will be allowed to sell super-strength beers again after previously being prevented from doing so over concerns about antisocial behaviour.

Herefordshire Council's Licensing Sub-Committee heard that in 2014, St Owen's News in St Owen Street, Hereford had conditions added to its alcohol licence after police became concerned about drunken behaviour in the area near the duck pond.

Super-strength alcohol cans and large three litre flagons of alcohol were left in the area which prompted officers to visit nearby licensed premises to make sure licence holders were fulfilling their licensing objectives.

It was decided that licence holder of the shop, Anton Jesurasan, should have three conditions added to his licence which included: not being allowed to sell beer with a strength above 6.5ABV, with the exception of craft or specialist beers; not being allowed to sell single cans of alcohol; and not being allowed to sell alcohol in containers of three litres or more.

Mr Jesurasan applied to change his current licensing hours from 9am to 9pm to 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 9pm on Sunday.

He later amended this to 8am to 9pm.

Nick Semper, who was safer neighbourhood team inspector for Hereford in 2014, is now a licensing consultant and represented St Owen's News.

Initially West Mercia Police objected to the licence review but Police Sergeant Duncan Reynolds said he has been told that Mr Semper has been working with the applicant and his staff to highlight the police concerns with regards to selling alcohol.

He said they are now satisfied that the licensing objectives can be met.

The committee agreed to grant a licence to sell alcohol from 8am to 9pm and to remove the three conditions on the licence.