A HEREFORDSHIRE councillor has accused Herefordshire Council of 'cultural vandalism of the highest order'.

Recently elected Green councillor Gerald Dawe, in whose ward the 'Rotherwas Ribbon' lies, is horrified the site is to be concreted over for a new access road.

The site's existence - described as as significant as Stonehenge' - was made public last week.

Coun Dawe added: "Decision-making is again going on behind closed doors. A clique in the council appear to have known about this find for a long time. Why are they excluding the Herefordshire public yet again?

"It is appalling that democratically elected councillors and the general public have been kept in the dark. Allowing only 200 people to view it for a few minutes this weekend is completely inadequate.

"We need council leaders to involve the whole council and local people in coming up with a more imaginative solution than burying Hereford's Stonehenge under concrete."

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