IT might look like an Italian street scene but new bunting in one small part of Leominster is actually celebrating the town's own past.

The colourful bunting in the form of laundry has been installed in Butcher's Row – a small alleyway between Corn Street and Victoria Street.

Historically, the street would have had washing lines and laundry across it as many of the surrounding properties would have been homes.

The installation of bunting – not only in Butcher's Row but on several other town centre streets – follows a crowdfunding campaign organised by the Leominster Business Group.

Chairman, Gaynor Lewin, said: "It is fantastic. We've had feedback from customers saying 'this is just brilliant, keep it up, keep going, this is really creative'.

"Historically Butcher's Row would have been used for washing lines because it would have been houses.

"It would have been very much like you see in Italy, even today, with the washing lines between the alleyways. That's where the idea came from."

Martin Nicholas from The Light Shop came up with the idea and the unique bunting was made using British textiles by Gaynor's team.

Flag bunting has also been installed on High Street and West Street and many business owners have decorated their shopfronts.

Grange Court and the Pavillion are also being decorated in a similar style. Judges from Britain in Bloom are also visiting the town this week so they will be able to enjoy the new installations.

Gaynor added: "We are very happy with it. It's great that customers love it."