LOVE, it’s said, makes the world go round, but finding (and hanging on to) love is also one big romantic merry-go-round.

Fast (off-the-scale energy levels), funny (laugh-out loud funny) and touching (The Spice Girls bringing a tear to the eye – surely not), May-We-Go-Round at The Courtyard on Thursday night was a joy from start to finish.

On paper, it looked intriguing, on stage, Chess Dillon-Reams and Cristina MacKerron smashed it, delivering a show that was filled with joy and wit, brilliantly choreographed and perfectly timed.

And the duo’s engagement with the audience – no staring off above our heads - ensured that everyone in The Studio (you missed out if you weren’t there!) felt included – the fourth wall not quite broken, but significantly cracked.

Apart from the five minutes when they drove a bulldozer through it to hand out vodka and cranberry juice …. You had to be there!

Focused on the frantic pursuit of love – from early crushes to holiday flings, from cheating boyfriends to double dating – The Hiccup Project created moments that will have resonated with anyone who’s ever been in love.

But for all the false dawns and disappointments, this is also a story of friendship – and the kind of loyalty, shared hopes and dreams, and support that, when all’s said and done with the men in our lives, keeps us sane.

If you get a chance to see Chess and Cristina, grab it – lots of shows promise ‘unforgettable’ nights out, ‘unmissable fun’ – this one delivers. So good, I’d have watched it twice over and then watched it again.

The Courtyard gets a big thumbs-up for programming a show that sent us out into the night with a sense of having seen something really special.