THE brother of Hereford murder victim Christian Bagley believes those responsible for the killing will never be caught.

The 30-year-old was stabbed in the arm and back as he walked under Hunderton Bridge, close to the Great Western Way, after visiting his daughter on Father’s Day in 2015.

As the two-year anniversary of the murder approaches, Wayne Wood has made an appeal for anyone withholding information on the killers to come forward.

However, Mr Wood – who despite having a different surname was the full brother of Christian – admits he does not hold out much hope.

“Even if the police knew who it was it would be almost impossible to prove without any key DNA evidence, which we all know does not exist,” he said this week.

Police have made a number of arrests in connection with Christian’s death but no one has ever been charged.

Mr Wood claims police “should have listened to the family more” instead of, as he describes it, relying on a computer system to lead their investigation.

“They wasted a lot of time,” he added.

“The computer asks questions and the detectives input the answers then the computer generates directions and actions for the detectives to follow.”

Mr Wood, who was himself interviewed under caution, claimed the technology was a waste of time – as was his questioning.

“I became a suspect after I apparently lied about what time I left the gym.

“I left the gym to answer my phone and if they had watched the CCTV for two minutes they would have seen me re-enter and leave at the time I said.

“Because of this I was interrogated for hours in an interview while suffering with severe influenza. It was horrible.”

Mr Wood said all the family has dealt with their loss in different ways – with his mother finding it the hardest to cope.

He did say that Christian’s young daughter, Lara, has adapted to life well without her dad.

“She has not forgotten him and recently wished him happy birthday on his bench down by the river where we all go to remember him,” added Mr Wood. “The whole family would like to say a great thanks for all the support over the last two years.

“If anyone out there knows anything they should dial 101.”

Detective Chief Inspector Leighton Harding, from West Mercia Police, said a number of lines of enquiry had been carried out during the investigation into Christian’s death, including speaking to witnesses who may have seen Christian before he died on June 21, 2015.

DCI Harding said: “Two years is a very long time to go without answers and this has caused much distress to Christian’s loved ones.

“This was a callous and brutal murder of a young father and Christian’s mother, daughter and wider family have been left completely devastated.

“This is made even more difficult in that the person or people responsible have yet to be caught.

“I am convinced that someone knows who is responsible for killing Christian and I am appealing to them to do the right thing and come forward and assist us with our investigation.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 or via Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.