A PROJECT has been launched aiming to highlight the importance of libraries to the county.

Joint Action for Herefordshire Libraries (JAHL) has started the project, with support from the Herefordshire Council Libraries and Museums Fund, to prove public libraries are more than just a luxury.

Clare West, chairman of JAHL, said: "We believe that libraries have a real contribution to make to health, wellbeing, education and the local economy and all the research bears that out.

"They have a value for all ages and all situations – which is why we talk about 'Libraries for Life.'"

She said library staff are trying to do more with less and JAHL believe they deserve their backing.

JAHL is looking for sources of help, whether that help comes in the form of volunteers, campaigners or sponsors.

Clare said: "Our aim is to raise awareness of the value of libraries and gain support for the service, so we have developed a range of materials, including pamphlets, a website, and an exhibition display, so that we are equipped to reach out to the community."

Banners, made by Impact Print, are available to groups throughout the county who are willing and able to display them. Get in touch via the website- www.librariesforlife.co.uk.