PRIME Lambs - 1764: A superb entry embraced with a super trade. Dearer than last week with an SQQ of 234p/kg soaring to 265p/kg for a pen of 39kg from Mr J Jones, Arbour Cottage that made £103.50/head! The trade was bouncing with the top 20 prices all in excess of £99.50/head up to £114/head for 60kg lambs from M/s E and J Price, Oakchurch Farm and in pence per kilo terms the top 20 prices were all in excess of 251p/kg.

Everything in serious demand and the lighter they were the dearer they were with a pen of 33kg making £86/head (261p/kg) and a pen of 34.5kg making £89.50/head (259p/kg). Every springer in the market averaged £90.68/head, clearly illustrating the flyer we had. It is unusual to see a lift at this time of year but very welcome and today's trade would be a full 40p/kg up on last year's trade!

Prime hoggs - 1211: At last a wonderful trade with SQQ 193.2p/kg with the best export hoggs to 215p and heavies to £106.50, hoggs with teeth to £100, £98, £96.50. Good meated hoggs in excellent demand. It is marvellous to see lambs, hoggs, prime cattle, cows and even pigs are in excellent demand with today's hoggs 33.2p in front of last year and lambs are 41p better. Good hoggs will be in good demand next week. More needed.

Couples - 859: Being 518 ewes and 711 lambs, 341 hoggs and 360 lambs

A marvellous entry which sold to a good trade throughout on all couples, breed, age and size. Top price was £197 for 10 Suffolk and 2 year olds with 15 lambs being £78.80 per life. Other pens of quality yearling and 2 year olds sold from £170 to £190. Those with younger lambs from £120 to £158. Older lowland ewes with stronger lambs always in demand selling to £190 for a bunch of 16 Dorset ewes, 3's to broken mouth with 22 strong lambs £80 per life. Other better lots from £150 to £189. Those with younger lambs from £96 to £130. Several pens of older Mule ewes often with doubles ranged from £135 to £165. Hill ewes also sold to more interest - a bunch of twins sold to £126 for Cheviots with smart Charollais and lambs. Most doubles with younger lambs from £87 to £96. Those with singles all from £70 to £100 for the best. A better entry of 341 hoggs with lambs sold to £174 for a small pen of Texel x, other better pens from £155 to £172, with a constant demand for Mules and Texel and from £135 to £152. A shortage of Suffolk and hoggs this week although 2 bunches of harder bred sorts sold at £154 and £142. Those out of the feeding pens sold from £85 to £120. The small pen of Beulah ewe hoggs with singles sold at £136. An excellent clearance with overall average of £133.31 per couple being £59.46 per life throughout the sale.

Ewe hoggs - 477: A smaller entry after last week's large show. Men working to a price, however finding a good trade throughout. Suffolk and Mules in better demand this week with several bunches £100 plus, topping at £107. Sweet headed smaller Suffolk and Mules £90 to £100, a few trading in the £80s. Strong Texel and Mules to £104, other stronger sorts from £90 to £100. Smaller sorts from £83 to £88 and some worth it to kill. A nice selection of Mules with a run of Scotch Mules catching the eye topping at £95, others to £87 and £76. White Faced Mules to £99, others from £82 to £94.

Store hoggs - 253: A tremendous entry for the middle of May, very competitive trade throughout at this late stage. Stronger sorts to £84, others stronger sorts from £74 to £83.50. Well bred farming sorts all £64 to £72. Smaller harder bred hoggs from £54 to £61, very small and plain hoggs £40 to £50. Time is almost up for store hoggs.

Rearing/weaned calves - 11: Limited offering and once again enough purchasers for ten times the amount. Top price to M/s Jones, Woola at £570 for yearling British Blue heifers and again with Herefords at £500. Other 7 month heifers at £485 and £420. The crowd appreciated the good quality of rearing calves with a top price of £270 for a Blue bull calf. A Charolais heifer sold at £230.

Cull ewes - 2241: Another flying trade and an excellent entry again with best ewes to £125.50 and rams to £121. Good quality continental ewes very much in demand but also the leaner small ewes, so a good trade for everything. A good company of buyers who have no difficulty placing 2,500 ewes per week.

Average £/head - £69.22.

Continental £125.

Suffolks £119.

North Country Mules £85.50.

Welsh Mules £82.50.

Speckles £64.50.

Welsh £60.

Cull Rams £121.

Cull Wethers £70.