I FEEL it is about time someone stood up for Hereford and South Herefordshire, it feels like the land that Westminster forgot.

Living and growing up in Herefordshire I have a feel for the uniqueness of it of it and Westminster policy being stuffed down our necks is not always the answer.

I served in the armed forces for 14 years and my community for longer than that, tackling social isolation at the front line and trying to make Hereford a better place to live.

I relish the opportunity to now work for Ross and South Herefordshire in the same way.

Having been an opposition county councillor for the past six years I know this Conservative council need holding to account.

I am more than prepared to do that, so when funding from Westminster is granted I can make sure it is spent in the right way. Ruffling feathers is something I have had to do in the past and will continue to do so.

All the other parties promise they are the best for the NHS as an independent I can and will listen to debates and always do what is right for the NHS. I will fight to stop privatisation. We need clearer thinking between the NHS and the social services as ongoing care and social isolation is a huge problem.

We are desperate for intelligent transport solutions for Herefordshire to get the county moving. Having lived and worked in the City I know this is achievable, the answers are out there already we just need to listen to them. I can champion that cause in Westminster.

I believe that if you want things to be different you have to do things differently. If we keep voting for the same people, the same parties with the same promises we will ALWAYS get the same result.

I would like to do things differently in Westminster.