THE MAYOR of Hereford hopes that a spoof video of him dancing around the Town Hall can help him win the General Election.

Independent candidate for the Hereford & South Herefordshire seat Jim Kenyon has copied a clip from film Love Actually and created his own version of a dancing video in the film titled 'Jim Kenyon Actually Loves Herefordshire.'

The video which was created by second year university film student Marcos Spalding, from Hereford, has gone viral receiving over 82,000 in a few days.

"It looks like Love Actually and is just a light-hearted look at politics but I'm serious about being an MP," said Cllr Kenyon.

"As I'm an independent candidate I have to do things a little bit differently as I haven't got a big budget or political machine funding me

"It shows that I can think outside the box to win any battle or campaign. I'm surprised with the reaction but more pleased with comments that people are getting behind me which is really encouraging."

Cllr Kenyon says that he has another publicity video planned before the General Election on June 8, and has also started a blog with his views on various subjects.

"There is a very short time until the election which works for the Conservatives so I need to get my message out their quickly," added Cllr Kenyon.

"We need to think on our feet of ways to get our message out there.

"I'm a local lad who has worked hard in this local community. I'm trying to take on a big machine but I have trust in the people of Herefordshire and I'm not going to let them down.

"The next video won't feature me dancing but will be released closer to the election.

"People can relate to me and know that I've been doing some good things in the city and county for many years."