LEOMINSTER'S Grange Court is a well-known landmark for those living in the north of the county.

And it is soon set to be seen by an even bigger audience after it was visited by camera crews filming an episode of BBC's Bargain Hunt.

The episode will feature the Herefordshire-based Jenny Pipes Morris group who performed a traditional dance for the cameras while presenter Eric Knowles looked on earlier this week.

Luckily after a few weeks of rain and fog the sun decided to come out, which caused some challenges for the crew who were trying to minimise the shadows around the 17th century building to reflect it in its best light.

Karen Sutton, Fool for the Morris Team, said: "At one point during the dancing Eric was standing very close to me and I was very concerned I might hit him with my stick. He was a lovely man and was great chatting with some of our children who had come along as it was half term."

The Morris Dancers, who do not know when they will appear on TV, also featured on Escape to The Country a couple of years ago.