SOME of the world's top bikers are coming to Hereford to show off their skills.

Expect to see gravity defying jumps, tricks and somersaults tomorrow (Friday) as clothing company Animal presents its annual bike tour.

High Town will be transformed into an extreme sports playground, featuring ramps, rails and other favourite skatepark items.

But the biggest draw will be demonstrations by two of the world's best professional bikers, Martyn Ashton and Grant Fielder.

Former World and four times British Champion Martyn is one of the biggest names in the sport, known for his meticulous stunts and tricks.

Joining him will be rising star Grant Fielder, better known as Chopper. Massive leaps and somersaults are his specialities and his performances on the quarter pipe and volcano are not to be missed.

Four demonstrations will take place on the day, with the first one kicking off at 11.30am and then another every hour and a half thereafter.