WHEN you name your new company Zombie Boffin Studio, there's a fair chance you are not entering a crowded marketplace.

And this would be absolutely true for Worcester entrepreneur Liam Young, who having failed to find a job locally in the digital gaming industry, decided to set up his own business.

He explained: "I started the company to complete a life long dream and to explore ideas and gameplay that had never been achieved before. However Worcester has little in job opportunities for a game developer so I started my own company. While our beginnings are small, with people's support, we hope to explore far beyond what has been achieve and contemplated so far.

"We're small self funded games development company that's looking to develop and deliver cheap mobile and indie games to the world wide market. Our first game Water Jetter v Megalodon has just been release on to the worldwide market for both android and apple with a bundle of exciting extras including promo pack (free additional content when a player enters a promotional code) and a competition for fans of the game. The winner will win the chance to add their input into the design of the final boss level, when the player will face off against Cpt Jack Skewers.

"We've also recently updated the game to include a couple of new game modes and features to enhance the gameplay experience further and best of all the game is free to download. Its a family friendly game and create for enjoyment and relaxation and great for train journeys or for killing time with quick simple and entertaining gameplay.

"I set up the business after teaching myself to code and make games. Worcester does have a growing tech industry but not to much in the game development sector, which was my dream job, so I started Zombie Boffin Studio Ltd as a result. One day I do hope to be able to grow the business enough to be able build AAA (high quality) titles and push the boundaries of what people can expect from games."