WEST Mercia Police has issued an update with regards to its investigations into allegations of animal cruelty at the South Herefordshire Hunt.

Investigators have passed an early evidential file into alleged animal cruelty at the Wormelow hunt kennels to the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Complex Casework Unit (CPS) for their consideration.

Five people have been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and released on police bail until a date in February. Five people have also been interviewed voluntarily as part of the police investigation.

A police spokesman said: "As legal proceedings are active it is important that any commentary, or sharing of information online, or on social media, does not in any way prejudice the proceedings."

Police will issue a further statement when the CPS determines if there should be a criminal prosecution.

The Masters of Fox Hounds Association (MFHA) is carrying its own independent inquiry into conduct at the South Herefordshire Hunt.