A LEARNER driver was caught drink driving more than twice over the legal limit following a 'severe' argument with her fiancée.

Jemima Alexander, 28, of Letton, Hereford, pleaded guilty to drink driving a Toyota Yaris while having no insurance or licence on September 30.

Peter Love, prosecuting at Hereford Magistrates Court on Thursday, said that the incident happened the morning after an argument with her partner.

"She took his car without permission and drove off," said Mr Love.

"She doesn't have the keys normally as she is a learner driver. At 10.30am a witness travelling southbound towards Ludlow saw a car in a hedge which had obviously left the road.

"The driver was slumped over the steering wheel. The witness drove to a nearby lay-by and spoke to Alexander who said she had driven around the corner and into the hedge. She started reversing out of the hedge and into the lay-by.

"Alexander was described as being in a foul temper and smelt of alcohol."

The witness then saw the vehicle drive off and they rang police to tell them what they had seen.

At 10.55am police received a report of a Toyota Yaris being driven near Ludlow and went to look for the vehicle.

They found it in a lay-by on the A49 and Alexander was still with the vehicle which had a damaged bumper.

"She was very upset and tried to walk away from the vehicle," added Mr Love.

"Alexander told police that she drinks around three bottles of wine a day."

When tested Alexander blew positive with a reading of 84 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres, the legal limit is 35.

Chris Read, mitigating, said that the previous evening Alexander had been in a 'severe argument' with her fiancée.

"They are now splitting up so the argument was obviously very upsetting but she had gone to bed," said Mr Read.

"She had still been awake at 4am and got the keys. It is very clear that she was driving short distances from lay-by to lay-by thinking about what had gone on, crying and being upset.

"She continues to live at the same address with her fiancée rent free. Her background is in the restaurant and hotel industry and she is actively seeking work in those areas."

Magistrates ordered Alexander to pay a £110 fine for driving with excess alcohol, £110 for driving without a licence, £50 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

She was also disqualified from driving for 20 months which could be reduced by five months on completion of a drink driving rehabilitation course.