CLASS One at Bodenham, St Michael's CE Primary School made some very good decorated handprints to enter into a class at Weobley ploughing match. Linked into their current topic of colours, and the imminent arrival of autumn, they decided to think about autumn trees. They started with a brown handprint to represent the branches of a tree, and then they looked at books and images on the internet to think about the different colours that could be seen on a tree during the year. The children then went out into the school orchard to collect twigs that they could use to make the tree trunk. They then collected some of the fallen leaves to stick onto their finger ‘branches’. There was lots of fun to be had making the pictures.

On the day of the ploughing match, all of the children's ‘autumn trees’ had been displayed. It was very exciting to find out that some of the children had won prizes for their work.

There were also all sorts of tractors to look at. Some of them were brand new and others were over 75 years old. One farmer had brought in lots of old tools and farm equipment to look at. It was interesting to think about how people and animals used to do most of the work on the farm. There was also some ploughing being done by some horses. The horses were huge, but listened well to the farmer to plough in very straight lines.

Staff were very pleased with the children’s interest in the project and the headteacher, Mr Wilson presented certificates and even a trophy in Monday morning assembly to some very lucky participants.

Based on information supplied by Mr Tim Wilson