RESIDENTS in a Hereford road could lose half of their on-street parking following the construction of the City Link Road.

Work has now started on the £31m road, which will connect Edgar Street to Commercial Road.

The new junction in Edgar Street will be built opposite Prior Street, which requires work to be carried out at the Prior Street junction.

At the moment, this could mean that the residents will lose parking spaces to make way for a cycling lane down the side of the street where they can park in the evening and at the entrance of the street to make it accessible for larger vehicles.

Tony Walls, who lives in Prior Street, said: "We will lose 50 to 55 per cent of car parking spaces. We have got a small section which is 24/7 parking- 10 to 11 spaces. And 11 or 12 which is from 6pm to 9am in the morning- it looks like all of those will be lost.

"We are quite a wide road- it is a one way street. We don't know where all these cars are going to park. "

Mr Walls said the council suggested the street could be made into residential parking only, but he said this would not solve the problem of a lack of spaces, especially as people in Edgar Street could also park in the road.

Mr Walls said residents in the street are worried at a decrease in value of their homes, if parking spaces are not available.

He said: "It is going to get worse. The council are putting the meters in town and then there is going to be a parking charge in Tesco."

A Herefordshire Council spokesman said: "As part of the City Link Road scheme we are looking at ways to link a new footway / cycleway to the Great Western way.

"Some options have been developed and these were shared with residents at a recent meeting at the football ground.

"We have had feedback from residents following this meeting which we are now considering.

"We are looking at additional options aimed at minimising the impact on car parking levels and there will be a further meeting in the autumn where residents will be able to view options and give feedback. This will inform the decision on the scheme we would take forward to delivery."