LIBRARY users and supporters in Leominster have been urged to complete a questionnaire to avoid losing a 'jewel in the crown' of the town.

Herefordshire Council's customer services and library survey runs until Friday (August 5), with feedback from the consultation to be used to help shape how the services will operate in the future.

The Friends of Leominster Library (FOLL) held a stand at last Friday's market where they handed out 150 questionnaires to people in a bid to revive interest in safeguarding the town's library.

Jimmy Lindsay, chairman of FOLL, said the level of support for the library shown was 'tremendous'.

"It's all very encouraging and our main remit really is to just make it abundantly clear to the people that really matter at Herefordshire Council that Leominster Library is a tremendous hub for the local community. It's a custom-built library which is only 20 years old and it's multi-usage," he said.

"It has social services, the registrar is there, there are reading groups, exhibition rooms and computer screens which are vitally necessary because Leominster has one of the lowest percentage per head of personal computer ownership."

Herefordshire Council says the consultation is to gauge a range of views from those who use these services and those who currently don't. Comments will be part of a published report that will help the council make decisions on the best way of using the libraries, what people need from customer services and prioritising services most important to residents.

Mr Lindsay said: "The library is a vibrant part of Leominster.

"We get 110,000 loanings a year so usage is holding up remarkably well.

"My message would be to use it or lose it but certainly get those questionnaires in because, if nothing else, it reflects the level of interest.

"It's a jewel in the crown of Leominster and it's imperative we don't lose it – it would rip the heart of Leominster."

The survey will be available until Friday (August 5) and people can fill it in at any of the county's libraries, customer service centres or by visiting