TWO electricians from Hereford have played a key role in the BBC TV programme, DIY SOS.

Chris Williams, MD of electrical contractor Melcon, received an SOS call from television producers for electricians to be part of a team adapting the Monmouth home of a new mum.

Charlotte Fairlie, 35, suffered a devastating stroke just minutes after giving birth to twin boys. It left her paralysed and unable to walk or talk. Instead of going home with her husband Rob and the twins, she would send nine months in hospital.

Bravely she fought to walk and talk again but her progress was limited by the layout of the two bedroom family home creating a major problem for her and the family.

It was a job for the DIY SOS team and they had just nine days to complete the task.

Mr Williams said: “When the BBC told me about the tragedy faced by the family and how DIY SOS planned to make life easier for them I knew instinctively that Melcon should be part of the project and the reaction of Charlotte and the family on the day they were shown their refurbished home made it all so worthwhile. We were part of something very special.”

For the two Melcon employees, Paul Phipps, of Ross on Wye, and James Green, an 18 year-old-apprentice, working alongside dozens of other skilled tradesmen and with a stiff deadline to meet, the unusual job was an experience of a lifetime.

Mr Phipps said: “Being part of something that would be a life changer for this young family was both daunting and exciting, especially as we were literally players in what would become a television drama.

"Having TV cameras film you fitting plug sockets was a new experience.”

Mr Green added: “I was so pleased the boss included me on the team. I learnt so much and when the family arrived on the final day I felt so proud of what we had all achieved in just a few days. Now I can’t wait to see the film on TV.”

The programme is expected to hit the airwaves in September.