A HORSE rider has shared the scary moment when a lorry driver got too close for comfort.

Sophie Williams from Bodenham filmed the footage while she was out riding in Bodenham on Friday, February 19.

As she slowed down the car on the opposite side of the road stopped, but the lorry overtook her leaving just centimetres between the lorry and the horse.

Sophie said: "This lorry came within centimetres of hitting us. He chose to overtake in a dangerous place even though he was turning right just a bit further up the road.

"People with this little respect and consideration for others, especially animals, should not be allowed to obtain a driving licence let alone a HGV licence."

She was wearing a hi-vis jacket. She has since reported it to the police.

Chief Inspector Adam Thomas said "West Mercia Police take road safety issues very seriously and would be happy to review the footage with a view to taking the appropriate action.

"Horse riders should be given a wide space when being overtaken due to the inherent risk of alarm to the animal which can have catastrophic outcomes. Patience is an important attribute for all those using the roads."

If you have any information regarding this call police on 101 quoting incident number 05565190216.