A 20-YEAR-old who assaulted a security guard after being told to get off her bike at a shopping centre in Hereford has been given an absolute discharge.

Emily Thomas-Andow of Highmore Street, Hereford had pleaded not guilty to assault by beating last November.

But she was found guilty by deputy district judge David Goodman at Hereford Magistrates' Court last Thursday, although he said the assault was of the lowest level possible.

The court heard that on September 9, Thomas-Andow was riding her bike down Maylord Street towards Maylord Shopping Centre, when security guard Amanda Forbes asked her to get off her bike, as there is a no cycle rule at the privately owned centre.

Thomas-Andow ignored her and left her bike by the entrance, despite Mrs Forbes asking her to put it in the cycle rack in Brewers Passage.

As Mrs Forbes started to move the bike she said she felt a "thud" and Thomas-Andow had body-barged her and taken her bike and put it back where it was.

Later on, after Thomas-Andow had been inside the shopping centre, Mrs Forbes said she feared for the safety of one of the cleaners as it looked as if Thomas-Andow was squaring up to him.

She started to radio through to her control room to call the police, at which point Thomas-Andow grabbed her radio and spoke to the control room before sitting on the floor.

Mrs Forbes said: "At one point she had said to me I was discriminating her because she said 'obviously I am transgender." I didn't know at that point. It was pointed out to me. I have no issue with your sexuality- I have an issue with your bike."

There was CCTV footage but it did not show the body-barge.

Thomas-Andow admitted she took the bike back from Mrs Forbes but said she did not barge her.

Judge Goodman found Thomas-Andow guilty but gave her an absolute discharge, which means no conviction is registered.

She was ordered to pay £50 towards prosecution costs.