Prime lambs - 894: A very seasonal entry with SQQ of 160.8p, heavies to £85 for 55kg, £84 for 54kg, £80 for 51kg. Best quality export - 43kg at £74.20 is 172.6p.

In-lamb ewes/couples - 15: A very small entry with the in-lamb section being a pen of Dorset ewes - 3's/full mouth, scanned to a Dorset - these sold to £140. A pen of yearlings of the same breed to £150. The couples were just a pen of 4 ewes, full mouth and 8 lambs - these reached £182.

Store lambs - 1162: A seasonal entry for the last sale of 2015 and it was rounded up in style. A super turn-out of buyers and trade as dear as we have seen all season. Very little strength on offer with a large show of small and clear-up lambs. The strongest topped at £72, with meat and strength from £64 to £69.

Good farming lambs from £58 to £63.50. Medium keep lambs from £54 to £57.80. Long keep sorts from £49 to £53 for well bred types, smaller and hill bred types from £40 to £47. Very small and plain from £34 to £40. Ram lambs to £64.80 for a bunch of 50 Mule ram lambs, other smaller farming types from £52 to £60, very small from £42 to £50.

Cull ewes - 1458: An excellent entry of ewes considering the proximity to Christmas, embraced with a wonderful trade throughout averaging £65/head which is considered to be vastly improved especially when there was a large majority of plain Welsh and Speckle ewes forward. Ewes topped at £12/head with any amount in excess of £100 and several others at £121.50 and £120. Rams also a good trade topping at £119/head. Those best ewes would be at least £10/head dearer. More ewes needed next week.

Average £/head - £65.26, Continental £125, Suffolks £100, North Country Mules £78, Welsh Mules £76, Speckles £60, Welsh £68, Cull Rams £119, Cull Wethers £86.

Rearing/weaned calves - 16: All rearing calves this sale highlighted with the demand for the better quality British Blue cross calves with nine on offer. Bulls topped at £425 with another at £375. Seven were heifers and sold to £425 with all the rest from £300 to £400. Smaller Hereford cross calves saw bulls from £245 to £270 with a heifer at £235. An Angus bull at £150, Friesian bulls from £15 to £55.