PRIME lambs - 2416: Back to reality from 170.7p to 161.0p in a week and other local markets today are less than 160p. 8 buyers competing very well but demand form export and home trade both very selective with New Zealand lamb on the horizon and Euro at 72p not making trade any easier. Heavies still to £83, £82, £78.

Lights very good. 32kg - 184.4p, 37kg - 180.5p, 36kg - 179.2p. More lights needed every week to go with ewes into the halal trade. 2500 lambs needed every week.

In-lamb ewes - 207: A good entry for second week of December sold to £139 for the first pen offered - 10 strong Texel cross ewes, 3's and 4's scanned to Charollais cross Beltex. A similar bunch sold at £137. The large draft of Suffolk and Texel cross ewes - 2's, 3's and 4's sold scanned for 1½ lambs - they ranged from £90 to £128 due to lamb from 10th January. Other hard bred 2 year olds in lamb to Suffolk and due from March 10 sold at £110. Total clearance effected.

Store lambs - 4570: Another huge entry of lambs met a large crowd of purchasers with lambs slightly less money on the week, however still look very well sold considering the current prime trade and ground conditions. Lambs also starting to show some effects of the weather and condition of lambs seeing a premium over plainer types. Strong stores to £74.20, all strength and meat from £65 to £73.20.

Good farming lambs from £58 to £64.50 with plenty of bunches from £61-£63. Medium term lambs from £54 to £57.50. Several Mule wethers included a grand run of 200 from one farm - these topped at £60.50 for a bunch of 50 and ranged from £55 to £57.20. Smaller sorts from £48 to £54.50. Long keep sorts in good demand throughout with well bred sorts from £50 to £53.80.

Harder bred and smaller types generally from £45 to £50. Very small, plain and backward types from £37 to £44.50, with only some very backward types £25 to £35.

Ram lambs to £73.20, other strong sorts from £60 to £64.50, good farming types from £54 to £59.50. Hill bred types from £44 to £52 depending on size and condition. Very small ram lambs from £38 to £43.50. Customers for all sorts, shapes and sizes and trade firmed throughout with sheep in the last row as dear as the start. Good entries required for the next two weeks.

Cull ewes - 2259: A pleasing entry of ewes with a very large entry of Speckle and Welsh ewes which resulted in a lower market average than last week. The best continental ewes up to £124/head. The trade would be slightly easier on the day but this week has seen vast numbers forward around the county. Those leaner types still dearer than the fat. Rams would be a slightly better trade topping at £119/head and several others in excess of £100/head. We envisage the ewes firming again over the next couple of weeks.

Average £/head - £57.85, Continental £124, Suffolks £108, North Country Mules £80, Welsh Mules £76, Speckles £61.50, Welsh £70, Cull Rams £119.

Just 5 calves this week, all rearing sorts under 30 days. 3 Hereford cross heifers from one farm sold between £230 and £235 twice. 2 Friesian bulls at £25 and £45.