THE Presteigne Players pantomime was once again a great success. The production The Great British Book Off written by Mary Compton and produced by Paul Fields told of a time in the future when nearly all the books in the world had been pixelated. The whole of the UK is run by security company T42 who have to pixelate all the books. They find out that Presteigne still has hundreds of books and a team of agents are sent to deal with them. With the team there is Price the Pixalator who is a robotic man who is short circuiting. Presteigne High street has old red telephone boxes that are used for the health centre and library as well as other services. Inside the library mysterious things happen when books are opened characters from the books appear including Alice in Wonderland, Hamlet, Mid Summer night's dream and Fifty shades of Grey. The pantomime filled with funny references to local people and places ends with the agents being defeated and Presteigne's books and library being saved.