AFC LUDLOW boss Dave Cooper is embroiled in a major row with the Shropshire FA after being found guilty of swearing at a linesman.

Cooper contested the £30 fine for an offence he claims is “a total fabrication” and has had it increased to £60.

But he insists he will not be paying it - and will take the consequences of any further action by the heavy-handed county association.

The incident occurred during AFC’s 5-2 win at Shifnal Town last month and Cooper, angry at a brutal challenge on Dale Hodge, admitted at the time: “The linesman will be lying if he reports I swore at him. I?have plenty of witnesses who will testify that any swearing from me was not in his direction.”

Taking after Saturday’s 4-1 derby win over Kington, Cooper stressed: “I rang the Shropshire FA last week and asked to speak to Roger Waterfield (the chief executive) but he wasn’t there.

“But I have told them they will not be getting one pence out of me for something I didn’t do. I have been done by a panel of people, some of whom weren’t at the game.

“It is the linesman’s word against mine and they have taken the official line. I have told them not to fine the club because they won’t pay it. Maybe they are going to ban me from football - but I am not going to pay a fine for something I didn’t do. “