FROM the opening of X-Entricity's production of Grease at the Larruperz Centre in Ross you just knew that the whole place would be itching to stand up to sing and dance along to all the fabulous numbers in this musical.

It was a theatrical experience full of energy from the start. All of the cast of this X-entricity production were ‘rock and roll ready to push this musical stage show to its limits vocally, along with the polished choreography and slick acting. Jack Chambers and Elena Crapper as Danny and Sandy gave faultless performances with Jack giving Danny that egotistical edge and on perfect dance and vocal form and Elena flawlessly portraying the beautiful, sweet natured, loving girl with vocals to match any of today's West End stars.

Other notable performances were those of Holly Clack as Marty, Rebekah Hedges as the adorable Frenchy, Charlotte Fishwick as Jan and Georgina Booth playing Rizzo, whose superb characterisation made the electricity of her playful relationship with Kenicke (Elliot Gooch) most believable and a joy to watch. Elliot Gooch playing Kenicke was perfectly cast in the role; sexy, playful and vocally loving every single minute of showing off his talents by singing and dancing to woo the girls.

Stealing the wonderful comedy moments was George Swattridge playing Eugene Florczyk. His comedy timing and outstanding acting skills made us want to see more of this character – Swatteridge made it all look for effortless. The large musical numbers were all impeccably rehearsed and choreographed and were performed by the chorus with such enthusiasm and vigour.

A massive well done to X-entricity’s production team and its director - Steve Liddle, producer - Jane Martin and assistant musical director Ian Strangward and choreographer - Sarah Jane Matthews for creating this wonderful production of Grease – this is one to remember and also to look forward to seeing again on the stage at the Courtyard in October. What a wealth of talent we have in Herefordshire.

Katie Davis MA