Hereford Cathedral: 8am, Holy Communion; 10am, Eucharist; 11.30am, Matins; 3.30pm, Evensong.

All Saints: 10.30am, Sung Mass with Children's Church.

St Peter: 8am, Holy Communion; 10.30am, All Age Worship.

St James: 9am, Pparish Communion; 10.30am, All Age Worship; 6.30pm, Taize with prayers for healing.

Holy Trinity: 10am, Parish Eucharist; 6.30pm, Evensong.

St Nicholas: 8am, Holy communion; 10.30am, All Age Eucharist; 6.30pm, Evensong.

St Michael's, Breinton: 10.30am, Parish Eucharist.

St Barnabas: 10am, Church for the Deaf.

St Bartholomew's, Holmer: 8am, Holy Communion; 11am, Family Holy Communion.

St Mary Magdalene, Huntington: 9.30am, Morning Worship.

St Mary's, Grandstand Road: 9.30am, Morning Worship.

St Martin, Ross Road: 8am, Holy Communion; 9.30am, Holy Communion with Kidzone; 6.30pm, Rector's Final Service followed by buffet.

St Francis, Newton Farm: 9.30am, Holy Communion with Sunday School.

St Dubricius, Ballingham: 9.15am, Holy Communion.

St Peter, Bullinghope: 11am, Holy Communion.

St Michael, Dewsall: 9.30am, Morning Prayer.

St David, Little Dewchurch: 11am, Holy Communion.

St Peter, Lyde: 8.30am, Holy Communion (1662).

St Andrew, Moreton-on-Lugg: 9.30am, Parish Eucharist.

St Margaret, Wellington: 11am, Family Service.

St Lawrence, Canon Pyon: 8.30am, Holy Communion.

St Mary, Kings Pyon: 9.45am, Holy Communion.

St Giles, Acton Beauchamp: 8.30am, Holy Communion.

St Mary's, Bishops Frome: 9.45am, Family Service.

St Matthews, Fromes Hill: 6pm, Holy Communion.

St Mary's, Much Cowarne: 11am, Family Service.

St James, Ocle Pychard: 10am, Matins.

St Mary, Fownhope: 11am, Parish Communion.

Dilwyn Church: 10.30am, Mothering Sunday, All Ages Together.

Leominster Priory: 8am, Holy Communion; 10am, Family Communion; 4pm, Evensong.

St Mary, Kington: 10am, Parish Communion; 4pm, Evensong.

St Mary, Credenhill: 11am, Service.

St Peter, Lugwardine: Service details: 01432 850767.

St Mary's, Almeley: 11am, Mothering Sunday Service.

St Andrews, Norton: 11am, Holy Communion, Rev Christopher Buckley.

St David's, Whitton: 9.30am, Holy Communion; Rev Donald Green.

St Edwards, Knighton: 9.30am, Mothering Sunday Service.

Belmont Abbey: 8.30am, 9.30am, 11am.

St Francis Xavier: Saturday, 6pm, Vigil Mass; Sunday, 8am and 10am, with Children's Liturgy.

St Ethelberts Catholic Church, Leominster: 10am and 6.30pm, Mass.

Church of Our Lady, Belmont Road: 9am, 11am and 6.30pm.

Knighton Catholic Church: 11am, Mothering Sunday Service.

Presteigne Catholic Church: 9am, Mothering Sunday Service.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and St Nicholas Roman Catholic Church, Knighton: 11am, Mass.

Roman Catholic Church of The Assumption of Our Lady and St Therese, Presteigne: 9am, Mass.

St Thomas of Hereford Catholic Church, Weobley: 6pm, Saturday Vigil Mass; 11am, Sunday Mass with Children's Liturgy.

St Bede's Catholic Church, Kington: 9am, Sunday Mass.

Traditional Anglican Church, 7 Hereford Street, Presteigne: 10am, Eucharist, Father Brian Gill.

St Cuthbert's Church BCP (1662): 11am, Services held in the Scout Hut, Burghill (Redstone), Holy Communion or Morning Prayer on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays each month, plus selected feast days.

St John's Methodist Church: 10.30am, Holy Communion, Rev Graham Hellier; 6.30pm, Bill Anderson.

Chandos Street Methodist Church: 10.30am, Rev David Meachem.

Knighton Methodist Church: 11am, Mothering Sunday Service.

Eignbrook United Reformed Church: 10.30am, All Age Worship, Rev Malcolm Brooks.

Hampton Park United Reformed Church: 10.30am, Morning Worship, The Elders; 6.30pm, Evening Worship, The Elders.

Knighton Baptist Church: 11am, Communion Rev Richard Kidd followed by buffet.

Baptist Church, Commercial Road: 10.30am, Mothering Sunday, Morning Worship with Communion, Studies from the Book of Jonah; 4pm, FOuR TEA, a service open to all ages but especially for those who are 55+; 6.30pm, Breaking News.

Leominster Baptist Church: 11am Morning Worship; 6.30pm, Evening Worship, Rev Derek Simpson.

Ross-on-Wye Baptist Church, Broad Street, Ross-on-Wye: 10.30am, Morning Worship; 7pm, Evening Worship. Rev. Tim Shelley.

Kington Baptist Church, Bridge Street, Kington: 10.45am, Family Worship and Sunday School, followed by coffee and chat; 6.30pm, Evening Worship. Rev. Martin Graham. (Lyonshall, 9.30am, first and third Sundays. Rev. Martin Graham).

Ewyas Harold Baptist Church: 10.30am, Family Worship and Sunday School, Rev Lloyd Rickards.

Presteigne Baptist Church, Hereford Street, Presteigne: 11am.

Bethel Chapel, Evenjobb Baptist Church, Evenjobb, Presteigne: 3pm, Celebration with Joyful Praise and Worship, Full Gospel and Divine Healing, Rev. Robert Phillips.

Salvation Army, Canonmoor Street: 10.30am and 6pm, Captains Steve and Lindsay Brevitt.

Society of Friends (Quakers), King Street: 10.30am, Meeting for Worship and Children's Class.

Society of Friends (Quakers), Almeley Meeting House: 10.45am. Children welcomed.

Society of Friends (Quakers), 5 Brampton Street, Ross-on-Wye: 10.30am, Children welcomed.

Society of Friends (Quakers), Burgage Hall, Ledbury, 10.30am.

Hereford Apostolic Church Evangelical, Pentecostal, Eastholme Community Centre, Belmont: 10am, Communion Service; 5.30pm, Family Service.

Challenge Community Church, Marlbrook Primary School, Redhill: 11am, Morning Worship and Communion followed by Bible teaching. (Sunday School provided for primary school aged children).

Hope City Church, Griffin Centre, Hereford Sixth Form: 10.30am, Celebration Service, 01432 354354.

Christian Life Centre, 133 Edgar Street, Hereford: 10.30am.

Freedom Church, Hereford: 10.30am, Whitecross High School, Three Elms Road. 1st Sunday of the month, 6pm, Freedom Raw.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Eign Road, Hereford: 11.15am, Service and Sunday School.

The Christadelphians, Holmer Road: 11am, Sunday School, and Morning Service; 6pm, Bible Hour.

Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, Kings Acre Road: 9.30am-12.30pm, Mr Wayne Gardner.

The Christian Spiritual Church of Tranquillity, Westfields Community Hall, Highmore Street, Hereford: 10.15am.

The House of the Good Shepherd Christian Spiritualist Church, Hinton Community Centre: 6.30pm, Divine Service, different medium weekly.

Dawn of Light, CSSI, Westfield Community Centre, Highmore Street, Hereford, 6.30pm. Different speakers weekly.

Seventh Day Adventist Church, St Guthlac Street, Hereford: Saturdays: 3pm.

Ballingham Chapel: 10.30am, Morning Worship and Sunday School; 6.30pm, Evening Service.

Wellington Chapel: 10am, Communion Service; 10.30am, Morning Service with Junior Church; 6pm, Evening Service, Pastor Paul Kosciecha.

Marden Chapel: 3pm, Mr P Kosciecha of Leominster.

Whitestone Chapel, near Hereford: 11am, Mr Penry Davies.

Jubilee Christian Centre, Preston-on-Wye: 10.30am, Service of Worship with Junior Church; 6pm, Worship and Ministry at St Barnabas Church, Venns Lane, Hereford.

The Christian Fellowship, Lugwardine Chapel: 10.30am, Worship; 5pm, Family Service.

Bodenham Christian Fellowship: 9.30am, Footsteps; 10.30am, Worship Service, Speaker, Peter Seccombe.

Barton Christian Fellowship, Barton Hall, Hereford: 10am, Communion; 11am, Family Service, Mr Julian Spriggs.

Leominster Christian Fellowship, Priory Rooms, Leominster: Meetings at 11am and 6.30pm.

Burghill Gospel Hall, Portway, Burghill: 10.45am, Breaking of Bread; 6.30pm, Gospel Service, Mr D Dixon of Cheltenham.

Ross-on-Wye Christian Fellowship, The Larruperz Centre, Ross-on-Wye: 10.30am, Service of Praise.

Peacehaven Christian Centre, 43 High Street, Kington: 10.30am, Time for God.

Grace Church: Hillsong Network Church. Lower Bullingham, Holme Lacy Road, 6pm, Lively Music and Ministry.

The Moravian Church, South Street, Leominster: 4pm, Rev David Howarth.

Freedom Church, TRAX, TGS Bowling, Station Approach, Hereford 6pm, call 01568 615127.

Our Lady of the Angel Poor Clare Convent, Much Birch: 11am, Mass.

Lady Southampton Chapel, Kenchester: 11am, Morning Worship; 5pm, Upper Rooms, Bewell Square, Hereford, Mary Short.

Staunton-on-Wye Evangelical Free Church: call 01981 590393.

Herefordshire Jewish Community, Services call 07789 218823.

Russian Orthodox Community of Church St Antony the Great (services in English) first and third Sunday each month, 10.30am, St Mary's, Welsh Newton. Call Janice 01989 563818.

Unitarian Meetings at Friends, Hereford, Sundays 3pm monthly and at Ross-On-Wye fortnightly. Call 01594 510525.

Freedom Church: 10.30am, Whitecross High School.