FANCY being fired out of a cannon? This could be as close as you get.

A Dax Rush Turbo that does 0-100mph in 6.6 seconds - fast enough to give Formula 1 racers a run for their money - is up for sale at a Herefordshire auction.

Built to break a world record, the adrenaline-fuelled feather-light thriller is fully road legal with a fresh MOT.

Leominster auctioneers Brightwells are gearing up for big bids when the Dax goes on sale there later this month.

Brightwells' "wheels man" James Dennison says the supercar should reach its £25,000-£30,000 reserve on curio value alone.

For that you also get a little piece of motoring history. Timed by the Guinness Book of Records in 2002 as the fastest 2-litre production cars of its kind, this Dax later lost that title because there weren't enough of them to meet the production specification.

But clock those Guinness times - 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds, 0-100mph in 6.6 seconds! "That's faster than a Formula 1 car," says James.

The Dax has covered just 700 miles since its record-breaking bid, with one (very careful) owner at the wheel.

"Such devastating performance comes with a high degree of responsibility," says James. "Only suitably trained drivers should even think about bidding."

For those who fancy something more sedate, a 1927 3-litre Bentley might be the buy. It's worth every penny of its £70,000-£90,000 reserve and a lot more if left to the grandchildren, says James.

"Great to drive, even better to look at, this is a fabulous example of perhaps the most charismatic British sports car of all time," he says.

And the books back him up. The Bentley 3-litre dominated the early equivalents of Formula 1, not even the Italians of motor-racing legend could catch it.

"Bentleys from this era rarely come on to the market and have proved to be a gilt-edged investment," says James, who expects interest in his "star car" from all around the world.

Other top lots include: A 1973 Ford Escort rally car raced by the Flying Finn Timo Makinen.

A 1911 Adler Open Tourer that might be the only one of its kind left.

A selection of eye-catching personalised numberplates.