MANY businesses in Herefordshire are anticipating the ban on smoking in public places, which comes into force in July.

Among them is the Pikadish cafe, on the Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, which introduced a no smoking policy as long ago as November 7 - with no regrets.

Manager Lin Bridges said the majority of customers admitted to finding it a pleasure to eat in a smoke-free environment.

The Herefordshire Stop Smoking Service believes it to be a very positive move and is encouraging even more businesses to put up the no smoking sign well in advance of July.

Virtually all work places and enclosed public places in England will have to become smoke-free from 6am on July 1. This includes offices, shops, pubs, bars and restaurants, public transport and work vehicles used by more than one person.

Indoor workplace smoking rooms will no longer be legal.

People who want help to stop smoking are encouraged to get in touch with Herefordshire Stop Smoking Service on 01432 262019 or their local pharmacy or GP practice.

Businesses can register with Smokefree England by calling 0800 169 169 7 or visiting to receive information and resources to help prepare for the new law.