PUPILS at a Herefordshire school are celebrating after achieving their second Eco Schools Green Flag Award.

Garway School has been committed to reducing waste and encouraging biodiversity for the past two years, with pupils working with members of the community to develop eco themes.

One of the projects has included an animal homes idea, which aims to design and build a number of bird and hedgehog boxes within the school grounds.

The eco assessors were so impressed with the children that they were asked to present some of their ideas at a sustainable schools event at Whitecross School and Specialist Sports College on Tuesday.

Headteacher Lorraine Lloyd-Williams said: "These children are going to grow up to have lots of awareness and passion about looking after resources, not just of the school and village community, but they are looking after the planet too.

"Our children have big hearts and we are very proud of them."

The pupils hope to buy a solar pump for the school pond in the near future and extend the current recycling facilities to include collection points for cardboard and glass.