A GROUP of Hereford businesses is going on the offensive to promote the cause of the county's largest industrial estate.

The Association of Rotherwas Enterprises believes the construction of the relief road will create a big opportunity for the 100-plus firms on the estate.

"There is now an opportunity to bring more businesses and higher paid jobs into Hereford and we are now in a position to ensure Rotherwas continues as a wealth creation centre in Herefordshire," said Brian Tannatt Nash, chairman of the association.

He has revealed plans for the group to produce a regular newsletter to promote the estate that will be sent to all employees working on Rotherwas, residents in South Wye, councillors and other opinion formers. There is also an intention to launch a website.

But Mr Tannatt Nash told the association's AGM that businesses which had been campaigning for the construction of the relief road would be making a mistake if they believed the battle was won.

"We must not rest until the work is complete," he said.

He outlined the benefits of the road scheme, saying it would mean greater road safety on Holme Lacy Road and a reduction in environmental pollution caused by less motor vehicle congestion in built-up areas.

He added new businesses would be attracted to Rotherwas and bring increased prosperity to the local economy.