VISITORS to Herefordshire don’t know whether they’re coming or going because of the state of the county’s road signs, a former city mayor has said.

One sign between Hereford and Bromyard even tells motorists to “speed now” as the word “reduce” before it has come away.

Cllr Phil Edwards said he was “ashamed” to see the state of the signs and demanded Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet to take action.

“The road signage in parts of Herefordshire is an absolute disgrace,” said Cllr Edwards, a former mayor of Hereford.

“I’m ashamed to be a member of this council when I see the signage as it is.

“On the Hereford to Bromyard road there is a sign, which instructs drivers to speed as the “reduce” part has come off.

“That’s just one of many examples. We are supposed to be attracting tourists to the area and we won’t if this isn’t sorted.”

He made the plea during a meeting of county councillors at Hereford Shirehall.

Cabinet member for Transport and Roads, Cllr Paul Rone, said he understood the concerns but said wear and tear wasn’t always to blame.

“I agree with you that in places we could do better,” he said.

“However, in some places it is down to mischief by members of the public. If those responsible knew the cost to rectify these problems, they wouldn’t do it.”

He then went on to joke about some of the embarrassing place names Herefordshire could be faced with should problems continue.

“I believe Allensmore has become Alienmore, Fownhope has become No Hope and as for Canal Road I am not even going to go there.”

It’s not the first time road signs have cropped up at council.

In September 2012, then-council leader Cllr John Jarvis was behind the introduction of new look Welcome to Herefordshire signs on county borders which read “Herefordshire – here you can”