PHILIPPA Clayburn is just quackers about her ducks.

She is the proud owner of 107 call ducks - a breed of domesticated ducks - having started out with just three when she moved to her property on Bringsty Common in 2011.

The 51-year-old says she is never happier than when talking about her birds and would love to have more.

“Walkers on the common seem to enjoy the sight of 100-plus ducks and being serenaded by them when they start calling as it sounds like they’re laughing so they are amusing,” she said.

“My oldest female Cayuga duck starts them off with a loud ha ha ha and they all respond in unison as if she’s cracked a hilarious joke, just like being in a rural comedy club, and it’s very infectious.”

She says in 2012 her male ducks were getting a bit frustrated at being bachelor boys so she introduced Doll and Della and has been breeding ever since.

“Call ducks are emotional, opinionated and vociferous so dealing with the emotional traumas can be like a mini soap opera.”