A BLIND motivational speaker has written a book about the obstacles he has overcome, including how his guide dog tried to kill him.

Pervez Hussain, who first came to Hereford in the late 80s, lost all but five per cent of his sight when he was 23.

At first he felt lost and alone, but gradually he built his confidence and has since started his own DJ business, Hurricane Roadshow, and worked for Unison and the police.

Mr Hussain, 46, said: "At the age of 25 I ended up with what I call an inspirational message from a guy I had first met when I was 13.

"He had no sight since he was born. I had asked him, 'Why me?' And he said, 'Why me? I was born without any sight. At least you could see until you were 25.'

"From 25 years onwards I went a different way completely."

In his book called Chasing The Bean he details his life from when he was growing up in Birmingham.

He went to The Royal National College for the Blind in the late 80s and studied business studies before he started working for the police at 21.

But tragedy struck at 23 when he came off his push bike in Ledbury Road and his retinas detached- reducing his vision to just five per cent.

He said: "I felt a prisoner in my own home. I just didn't feel I could do anything anymore. I lost all my confidence."

He then got a guide dog called Ufton, who helped him become more confident. In a tongue-in-cheek chapter in the book he recounts when Ufton tried to kill him.

Mr Hussain said: "He was a character- not in a detrimental way to guide dogs. He took me into oncoming traffic in Blueschool Street, Hereford.

"I nicknamed him Ufton the Terrible."

In early 2012 he was diagnosed with a polycystic kidney disease and he currently has dialysis three times a week.

In the same year he won a Quality People Award for outstanding contribution to West Mercia Police.

Mr Hussain, who has two children aged 12 and 16 with partner, Hazel, said: "This year I promised my friend Shenaz I would write the book about my life. "From a boy brought up in the streets of Birmingham with no qualifications- no-one expected anything of me."

He launched his motivational speaking website this year.

Mr Hussain said: "Everything I have and everything I have done. I want to go and inspire the youngsters- if you do that you can achieve anything."

Chasing The Bean is available on Amazon. If you want to buy it in paperback email Mr Hussain on info@hurricaneroadshow.co.uk