A WOMAN who struggled with a history of abusive relationships died after she drank alcohol and took prescription drugs, an inquest heard.

Roxann McGovern, 44, was found dead on her bedroom floor in Almeley Close, Hereford on July 30, by her lodger James Powell.

A post mortem revealed she died from an overdose of prescription drugs (amitriptyline) and excessive alcohol consumption.

The pathologist said the levels of both were not usually fatal, but combined they proved to be dangerous.

The inquest at Herefordshire Coroner's Court yesterday heard Miss McGovern had a history of depression and had taken an overdose in 2009.

Her GP, Julia Wright, said Miss McGovern had acknowledged her ongoing alcohol consumption but on June 9 had been taken to A&E after being found intoxicated on the steps of a dental surgery.

She was last prescribed amitriptyline on March 4.

A report from Stephanie Bews-Pugh at DASH (Drugs and Alcohol Services Herefordshire) said Miss McGovern had a history of abusive relationships.

She addressed alcohol issues through a detox.

But when she had flash backs to previous abuse she started to drink again.

Ms Bews-Pugh said Miss McGovern had health problems and financial issues, as her ESA benefit has been stopped following a medical assessment.

A Tesco worker, Caron Pikes, assisted Miss McGovern the day before she died when she was found sat by the taxi rank by Tesco in Bewell Street at about 4pm.

The first aider talked to Miss McGovern, who she said seemed drunk, and helped her to an ambulance.

When Miss McGovern said she wanted to go home, Ms Pikes accompanied her home in a taxi.

Ms Pikes said Miss McGovern seemed very upset- changing between laughing, crying and being aggressive- and told Ms Pikes she missed her son.

Her son Kiyle McGovern said he had an argument with his mum on July 16 after they had both been drinking, but he could not remember what it was about.

The inquest heard that was the last time he had contact with her before she died.

DS Frank Real said a scrawled note was found in her bedroom.

Herefordshire coroner Mark Bricknell said although a note was found; he had to be sure she meant to take her own life.

He said due to the drugs not being at a fatal level it was difficult to be sure she meant to commit suicide.

He recorded an accidental death.