A HEREFORD photography student set his new university project on fire.

Adam Stephenson, 20, used steel wool to create a powerful set of images as part of a project on his BA photography degree.

Given the title Construction of Image – with a requirement to control light – Mr Stephenson set about creating an intriguing piece rather than something with a deeper meaning.

And he took to Hereford's Greenway Bridge with his camera, a friend, fire proof clothing and some steel wool to make that happen.

He said: "My project is based around showing that photography can be fun and interesting without having an in-depth idea behind it.

"Steel wool is something you can buy from any hardware shop, and you simply set it on 'set it on fire' and spin it round. The heat isn't hot enough to actually set fire to the steel and it is the wool that burns.

"When spun, the hot pieces of metal fly out. it was done on the bridge itself, underneath the arch. I was spinning the steel wool, while I had someone stopping people from coming on to the bridge itself just to be safe, and I had fire proof clothing on such as gloves."

He completed checks to ensure there was no damage following the stunt and kept a fire extinguisher close to hand throughout.