HEREFORDSHIRE Council has apologised for a mix up in the new bin collection system after residents in parts of Whitecross were told to put the wrong bins out.

On Monday- the first day of the new collections- some residents in Hereford were told to put their green recycling bins out, but it was in fact the week for their black bins to be collected.

A spokesman for the council said: “We are really sorry about this. It was a mix up that occurred when we delivered the round information with the bins.”

The new waste collection system sees residents’ black bins collected fortnightly, instead of every week, and the green recycling bins collected in the alternate week and remains fortnightly, as before.

The mix up on Monday affected residents on both sides of Whitecross Road, most residents living between Whitecross Road and Westfailing Street and most residents living on the side streets between Plough Lane and the Co-op by Whitecross roundabout.

The council said in many areas people put their black bins and sacks out anyway, which were collected.

They also collected black bins and sacks from that area yesterday.

The council will deliver the correct collection timetables to affected households later this week.