THIS winter, the mesmerising setting of Croft Castle and Parkland plays host to a spectacular celebration of contemporary light art.

The dark months will see this historic property and its grounds open to the public on Saturday evenings for the first time, offering an alternative and atmospheric view of an exceptional place, in Meadow Arts & National Trust's exhibition, In Another Light.

Artist David Ogle has made new works in response to the ancient site of Croft: its formidable stone manor house and spectacular rural landscape will contrast with this young artist’s immersive, sculptural artworks, which will come to life on Saturday evenings throughout the exhibition period.

A light projection on the outer wall of the property by Herefordshire-based artist and former circus performer Rebecca Farkas explores the beauty of Croft Castle’s carefully maintained interior, in an outdoor context, and will be seen as visitors approach the entry gate.

"We've chosen Croft Castle," says Rebecca, "as it's a venue that's local to Meadow Arts and it's a place we love. It's just such a marvellously atmospheric place."

Last year Meadow Arts presented Time Will Tell at Croft Castle, an exhibition that explored "the creative tensions between the 'science' of history and archaeology on the one hand, and tales, stories or memories on the other", and the National Trust property near Leominster then asked them to curate the new exhibition.

"Last time we took the idea of the exhibition with us and approached them," explains Rebecca. "This time we had a different way of working. The National Trust have been working with contemporary art a bit more, so they asked teams at various National Trust properties to come up with ideas, and at Croft Castle they came up with the idea of light and we worked together on the project.

"There are three newly commissioned works - a big disk suspended over the lake; and then there's a piece in which visitors will affect how it lights up; and then there's the piece by David Ogle in the stables.

"David was the winner of the Royal British Society of Sculptors' Sculpture Shock Residency Award Winner and made some pieces for The Vaults in Waterloo. His piece at Croft Castle will be a similar idea but developed specifically for this space."

Meadow Arts is a charitable organisation and Arts COuncil England National Portfolio Organisation, which commissions and sites new art works and produces temporary context responsive exhibitions throughout the West Midlands and beyond, bringing high quality contemporary art to areas where few other facilities exist.

Also showing at In Another Light is an installation of Rebecca's that was previously shown in the slate store at Croft Castle during Time Will Tell. "It's now being projected on to the turrets, a change of context. I am very excited about it - having seen it, it looked amazing and it's so exciting to visit the castle at night, and a little bit spooky as you might expect."

The exhibition opens on Saturday, November 1 from 5pm – 8pm, following a special afternoon workshop (1pm – 4pm) for The Big Draw, when David Ogle will help visitors create their own glow-in-the dark drawings. The opening night features storytelling through music, movement and light with Sonia Sabri Company.

Croft Castle & Parkland will open late to show the light based work on Saturdays from November to March with special events on selected dates.

Offering a rare chance to experience Croft after hours and celebrate and engage with darkness, as man has done through ages at the site, the Castle and grounds will open for special Saturday evening viewings and the programme includes a series of live art and performance events. Check for full details.