A NEW project at a Hereford high school is bringing the First World War front line to the county.

Whitecross High School has spent the summer reconstructing a trench on school grounds and is now preparing for its official opening ceremony on Friday November 7, ahead of the school's remembrance day.

The trench is designed to represent a small section of British front line trench on the Somme battlefield some time in 1916/1917.

It was excavated through the landscaping already in place to avoid the difficulties of digging below ground level and has reinforced wooden sides with steel cables and pins holding it in place.

"It has been an amazing project helped by some incredible local businesses and volunteers who have given freely. Funding has allowed us to purchase replica uniforms and kit and we are opening to local schools and groups later in the term," said Tim Knapp, deputy head teacher.

"We have registered with the Imperial War Museum Centenary Project.

"As part of our commemoration project we are using the Hereford Council War Memorial Website to research and commemorate those whose names appear on the Whitecross Memorial in Trinity churchyard on Whitecross Road. We will remember each soldier on the anniversary of his death.

"We are also setting up a research project for all students to find out about their ancestors 100 years ago."

Digging for the trench got underway in July this year and the trench was completed over several weekends during the summer holidays.

Every new year-seven student helped to fill sandbags this term.

Hereford Times: Woodland Trust